April, 2013 - Belgium

The meeting in Mol, Belgium took place on 15 April, 2013 till 19 April, 2013. With the Swiss precision, everything was perfectly organized. Apart from the great views we were served every day – the beautiful lakes in Mol, the rabbits on the grass nearby the huts and breathtaking castles – we worked hard on the theme WATER. As Belgium is considered to be a rainy country, we were lucky enough to experience great sunny weather ( SUN was a theme of the previous meeting in Greece ).

Day 1 – 15th April, 2013

Time to meet in Brussels to get ready for a fantastic time in Mol “Zilvermeer” – our home place of the Grundtvig project in Belgium. We all had a chance to be guided by parents around the city centre – great views, unforgettable buildings and the atmosphere!

Day 2 – 16th April, 2013

We start the day with stories around the theme of WATER. Everyone seems to be all ears – different countries, various stories.


In the afternoon, off we go to Tongerlo where we can visit the Abbey, have a short tour around the school campus with the coordinators meeting. Some of us enjoy the Merode walk till we all meet at the town hall of Westerlo.


In the evening, time to meet the international cuisine at the European Fair – Belgium offers ‘Folklore Belgian fries in a cone and beef stew’ for a chance and the rest of us tried to bring along with us little of everything that is delicious in our countires.

Day 3 – 17th April, 2013

Day 3 continues with storytelling … so good to hear such great stories. But it’s time to get up and have a little bit of movement. This time we can explore Belgium from water by taking part in a cruis on the Kempische canals. The time spent there was enriched by the man playing the accordion.

But it’s not the end of the day – the big moment ahead of us! From the cruise we go directly to Alden Biesen to take part in the Storytelling Festival. Awsome!!!


Day 4 – 18th April, 2013

Time in Belgium is both the pleasure and hard work. Once again we can enjoy the session of storytelling but this time conducted by Greece and Belgium. The Belgium team – thanks a lot for such a wonderful performance you gave us by presenting the theme of WATER.

In the afternoon we go to Lommel to visit the museum of sand and glass.

Day 5 – 19th April, 2013

On the departure day we still have a chance of being together – visiting the European Parliament and Belgian Agency EPOS. The programme of the whole meeting was really fully-packed: workshops, stories, visiting and sightseeing. Thank you very much and see you in Bialystok, Poland in JuneJ

 Lommel Museum of Sand and Glass