August, 2013 - Cyprus

Another chance for meeting a great group of MOReS friends and time to tell more stories; this time under the blue sky…

Day 1 – 27th August, 2013

The first day on this beautiful island – time to meet all the participants. The sooner you arrive, the more time you have to start exploring the island till the evening when we meet for a delicious dinner at “Charcoals”. After many hours of great time spent together , time for a walk around the  city centre – Limassol by night…

Day 2 – 28th August, 2013

Time to start telling the stories… fabulous and very engrossing stories connected with the culture, festivals and regions of the project partners. There is also a chance to see another part of the film produced by the Belgian team – great job!!!

In the afternoon, we have time to see the city: the medieval castle -  one of the nine castles of Cyprus, Limassol Old Town, Limassol Castle Square, Panepistimiou Square, Technological University of Cyprus and many more….

In the evening time to taste the international food prepared by each of us at the European Fair.

The day ends with a great time at Lady’s Mile with eating, dancing and swimming. Thanks God, there were no sharks in the sea!

Day 3 – 29th August, 2013

A day to take a break on the beach but, for sure, not to lie. In the morning we are invited to take part in water sports – Dracon Boat, Kano, Beach Volley and Swimming. Time to get rid of these extra kilos from the previous days thanks to delicious food we are served with.

In the afternoon, we had a chance to take part in a famous Wine Festival that celebrate wine and winemaking. The city than becomes the attraction of thousands of locals and tourists who visit the Municipal Garden to enjoy the Wine Festival with the motto 'Drink wine, it gives you life!' (Πίνε κρασί, νάσιεις ζωή). 

Day 4 – 30th August, 2013

A great day spent on getting to know the culture and customs of Cyprus. We had a chance to see Erimi’s winery and wine museum, Curium Ancient Theatre and Omodos.

Day 5 – 31st August, 2013  

Time to say good bye. For sure, this visit was accompanied by the sun and blue sky, but first of all by great and so hospitable people as the Cypriots are. Thank you and see you in Portugal next year.

Cyprus Cypruslightbox[960 720]Cyprus

Presentation - Meeting in Cyprus (pptx)