June, 2013 - Poland

Day 1 – 7th June, 213
Arrival of the teams! All participants of the project arrived safely. The weather is perfect for this part of the year so let’s hope to enjoy the stay in a green city Białystok is. The afternoon is free till the late evening dinner when we all have the opportunity to talk to each other and discuss the tomorrow’s work.

Day 2 – 8th  June, 2013
We meet at the hotel and start with the workshops. The three countries – Spain, Portugal and Greece – present their own stories. Later on, while the coordinators are having the meeting to discuss various topics, the others are having creative workshops.
In the afternoon, we are going to a nearby town – Supraśl – to visit the Museum of Icons and sightsee the town and its neighborhood by a little train. As the theme of our meeting in Poland is EARTH – we want to show how closely people used to live and still live with nature.
As the weather is really kind, we can sightsee Białystok by night – it looks really marvelous.

Day 3 – 9th June, 2013
Sunday is supposed to be free of work but not for us. We start early in the morning. The project group is divided into two. One group goes to The Ludwik Zamenhof Centre where the story of the city is told by the use of pictures. We also have an opportunity to take part in creative workshops, playing and learning at the same time. Meanwhile, the other group is sightseeing the most outstanding palace in this part of Poland – Branicki Palace and the beautiful park around.
In the evening, it’s time for the story told in the Opera House – “The Phantom of the Opera” – hope you liked it

Day 4 – 10th June, 2013
Another day of workshops and the work done by the coordinators. We start with nice stories and presentations from Cyprus, Belgium and Poland. Then, it is time for creating our own stories. People have no easy task to do – using the photos they took while travelling to Poland, now they have to create their own stories based on the pics. All in all, we are having great fun and soon we learn that we have George Clooney and Sylvester Stallone in the Cypriot group.
Time to go outside! We all go to Bialystok Open Air Museum, close to Bialystok. Here we have very original workshops in clay, wood engraving and baking flatbreads. We all participate and have a good experience.
During the whole stay, many stories are told and created. Deborah, thank you very much for such lovely evenings with your games
In the evening, the last one in Białystok, we have a farewell dinner before all of us return to their homes.
Day 5 – 11th June, 2013
Departure of all teams: some of us have already left; all taking with them good memories and fresh ideas.
We meet soon again in Limassol, Cyprus.
Let’s be prepared!

Poland Polandlightbox[960 720]Poland

Presentation - Meeting in Poland (pptx)

Poland Polandlightbox[960 720]Poland

Presentation - Meeting in Poland_1 (pptx)