March, 2014 - Portugal

Day 1 – 10th March, 2014

Time to meet again but this time in the south of Portugal, in Faro. We start with having lunch in a peaceful town by the sea with delicious seafood. After eating, a lovely stroll along the seafront enjoying the sun and great weather.

Day 2 – 11th March, 2014

We start with visiting APPC where Ana works. While the learners are enjoying the workshops, the coordinators are having a meeting. After a fruitful time, we start with stories along with the international festivals we can celebrate in our countries.

In the afternoon, we can admire the Old Town and the Museum. Before the International Fair, all participants have some free time to enjoy Portugal by themselves. 

Day 3 – 12th March, 2014

Next day exploring Portugal outside Faro –we go to Tavira to visit the Old market and the Museum.   

There is also some time to relax in a small village by the sea – Cancela Velha. For a chance J , we have some typical Algarve Food. Time to explore Faro by night!

Day 4 – 13th March, 2014

Almost the last day together – we already start to miss each other. Before the breathtaking views that are planned for today, we have another session of storytelling – Cyprus, Poland and Belgium present their stories prepared by their learners.

And now there is something that we can experience for the first time – going by boat to deserted Island. You have to see it yourself as the views can not be expressed in words.

Day 5 – 14th March, 2014 

Departure day – time to say good bye… till May when we meet in Spain for the last time. Ana and your team – thank you very much!!! Muito obrigada.