May, 2014 - Spain

Day 1 – 26th March, 2014

We all land safely in Madrit where the Spanish delegation is awaiting us. On our way to Castuera, we sightsee Trujillo with the impressive castle overlooking the town.

Day 2 – 27th March, 2014

The first day in Castuera starts with marvelous dances and singing after which we have presentations and the final version of the film prepared by the Belgian team.

While the coordinators are working, the group has a chance to visit the mayor house and the nugat museum. In the afternoon we head for Sevilla …

Day 3 – 28th March, 2014

Day 3 is really full of work – we have to finish the products of our 2-year cooperation and we have to discuss the final report. Meanwhile, the learners can visit Castuera.

In the afternoon, we have a bus to Quintana to visit Zalamea, Cancho Roano and back to Quintana.

Day 4 – 29th March, 2014

The whole day is Guadalupe – it’s the icing on the cake.

And the farewell party in the evening – with music, singers, dancers and delicious jamón …

Day 5 – 30th March, 2014 

So the story gets to its ending …

It’s the last meeting of the whole group! Everyone has to depart though nobody wants…

Maybe we will meet again in the future.


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Presentation - Meeting in Spain (pptx)