October, 2012 - Greece

The first of six mobilities takes part in the sunny country Greece is.

Day 1 – 2nd October, 2012

Time to get to know each other as teams arrive one by one. The weather is perfect for this time of the year – sunny and hot. We start with a walk to get ready for delicious Greek dinner till the Spanish team arrives late at night.

Day 2 – 3rd October, 2012

The first day is to get to know each other better by having an integration meeting and delegation presentations. Each country is to tell about themselves and present what they do and who they work with. At the same time we have a chance to see KPE Kilkis centre where we are welcomed by local people dancing and singing for us. Next time to see the Kilkis Archaeological Museum.

After that we go to see Doirani Lake and the museum there. Breathtaking views that you wish to keep forever.

The day ends with a great time at the International Puppet Mime Festival of Kilkis with participants from all over the world. The festival can be described in feelings like joy and pleasure because …

"   ...the borders of the festival are expanding, as a living organism grows, and finally is a meeting place, as an area of exchange and friendship."
...people who believe in arts and communication collaborate and create little miracles, for us it’s like having a warm light in our hearts. puppet-mime festival of Kilkis you will witness the dialogue between multilingualism… speech, object, body…. that moves silently, has an impact on us and finally changes us".

Day 3 – 4th October, 2012

The day starts with another chance to see some other theatre groups at the festival. Next, time to grasp some sunshine in Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia in Kilkis’ region.

The day ends with storytelling session – great actors and storytellers among us. Bravo!

Day 4 – 5th October, 2012

Day 4 is full of activities – with the Spanish performance at the festival in the morning, with sightseeing the Kilkis’cave and the local museum till the outstanding performances by the locals in Palaio Gynaikokastro.

No matter where we are and what we see, there is always some time to tell the stories – the stories of our lives or  the ones connected with our culture. So each time we learn something new from each other.

You wish you could stay there longer.

Day 5 – 6th October, 2012

The great time in Greece ends. Time to say goodbye. We meet next year in Belgium where the topic of the meeting is WATER.