Centro de Educación de Adultos de Castuera.

The Center for Adult Education Castuera (Badajoz-Spain) is the region of "La Serena" in the region of Extremadura, in a disadvantaged rural area primarily engaged in agriculture and livestock and a high unemployment rate.
The Center operates in four locations between 5000 and 8000 population: Castuera, Cabeza del Buey, Quintana de la Serena and Zalamea de la Serena; it has in each of these towns, a classroom supervised by a teacher. It also extends its influence to small villages in the district, less than 1000 inhabitants, where have part-time teachers.
Learners who attend the center are from 18 years old and they have left the formal education and, mostly, are in risk of social exclusion: unemployed without educational qualifications, foreign immigrants, seniors who want to enter the education system and labor market improving their education.

The center offers: 

  • Formal education: Basic Education and Secondary Education for adults.
  • Non-formal education: Computer science for adults, Spanish for foreigners, access to qualifications and others levels of education.

The Center has already participated in projects:

  • “LEARNING LANDSCAPE” (2006)  - type of action: GRUNDTVIG


Cyprus Scientific Educators Association for the Utilization of Information Communication Technologies (K.E.S.E.A. – T.P.E.)

Cyprus Scientific Educators Association for the Utilization of Information Communication Technologies (K.E.S.E.A. – T.P.E.) is a non-profit association with nearly five hundred members who have a common interest in the use of ICT in education as well as in everyday life.

The main objective of the association is to provide its members with the knowledge and the expertise to use information communication technologies in their everyday practice. This is done through organized seminars and workshops. Moreover, K.E.S.E.A. – T.P.E. deals with subjects of common interest and often organizes events with cultural and scientific content.

The Association has already participated in projects:




Miejski Ośrodek Doradztwa Metodycznego w Białymstoku (MODM)                

Miejski Ośrodek Doradztwa Metodycznego w Białymstoku (MODM) is a public state run institution manager by the Municipal Council in Białystok. Our prime function is to support the professional advance of persons active in the field of education. Caring for their development, we organize and conduct various courses thanks to the competent and highly qualified staff of consultants. The courses we organize include: competence courses, advancement courses, computer operating courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. We can also prepare and perfom diverse training and counseling taking into consideration the individual needs of educational institutions.

We actively cooperate with other educational subjects within the framework of European educational projects and  popularize the knowledge of the European Union. MODM has also been actively involved in promoting the works of senior citizens by organizing their art exhibitions and meetings with them.

The Center has already participated in projects:

-       “CREATIVE STEPS TO SOCIAL ACTIVATION”  (2009) – type of action: GRUNDTVIG




Gehandicaptenwerking Krekenland

Gehandicaptenwerking Krekenland (Assenede – Vlaanderen) is situated in the region of Meetjesland, which is a slice of unfamiliar Flanders – a paradise for cycling through woods, fields and to the north a unique creek area. This disadvantage region is populated by elderly, handicapped, housewives and unemployed people.

The center consists of two branches: CBK creatief Begeleidingscentrum Krekenland (Center for guidance) and GWK: gehandicapten werking Krekenland (center for disabled people).

The center stimulate people to develop personal skills, create meeting chances. We organize education, adapt to the possibilities of different groups and stimulate creative processes. Our doors are open for everybody: the young and the old, different social classes.

There are over 25 teachers working here: volunteers and freelance.



Associacao Portuguesa de Paralisia Cerebral de Faro

Associacao Portuguesa de Paralisia Cerebral de Faro. APPC-Faro is a Private Charity Institution for people with multiple disabilities, founded in 1982. We act in prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and (re)habilitation of babies, children, youth and adults with cerebral palsy, neurological conditions and related developmental disorders.

Based in Faro, we respond to about 300 people with disability or incapacity and aim at solving problems, particularly in education, health, social welfare, housing, vocational training, employment and recreation and sports.

The center does a number of activities that cover several areas, according to the needs, expectations and capabilities of our learners. The activities and workshops are run by our multidisciplinary team which is composed of a coordinator, monitors, a social educator, a physical education teacher, a psychologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a doctor, support assistants and drivers.



Kentro Perivallontikis Ekpaidefsis Kilkis

Kentro Perivallontikis Ekpaidefsis Kilkis - Education for Environment and Sustainability – was founded after a programmatic pact between the Greek Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Kilkis in 2007.  Our team consists of 5 people and some volunteers.

The objectives of the center:

  • to stimulate young peoples’ thoughts towards environmental issues so that attitudes and co-operational behavior is developed, which will contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life towards sustainable development.
  • to implement 1 to 3-day environmental education programs for schools in primary and secondary education which visit the E.E.C. of Kilkis.
  • to support the environmental education programs of schools within the range of activities of the E.E.C. of Kilkis.
  • to produce educational - informational materials (printed matter, audiovisual etc.,) and pilot programs - guides for schools.
  • to co-operate with the scientific institutions at a local, national and international level for exchange of scientific information, research, documentation and co-operation for the production of educational programs.
  • to organize and realize educational seminars for teachers and educational programs for other adults in co-operation with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • o promote research in the area of Environmental Education.



BuSO Tongelsbos

BuSO Tongelsbos – a secondary education – offers a general vocational education to pupils with fewer mental abilities, sometimes combined with social-emotional behavioral difficulties, disorders and autism. The main aim of the training is to make the youngsters function independently in their work and their families. The realization of this aim asks for an interaction of all revelant parties: the board, the staff, the trade management and the parents.

The target groups of our students are: young people with less mental possibilities, young people with moderate to severe behavioral difficulties or mental disorders and fewer possibilities, and young people with ASS (autism spectrum disorder).